Life begins outside the cubicle.

From Corner Cubicle to Laneway Cafes

Discover how I ditched my 6-figure [dead-end] desk job and designed my way to my dream destinations and lifestyle.

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Different design for the ones who see things differently.

Whether you feel like you're meant for something else, something more, but you're not sure what it is or where to start... And you have one foot out the corporate glass doors, or maybe fate, Google or the mystic arts* transported you here and you haven't even seriously considered the possibility…

Or maybe you’re already clear about your mission, and you have a game-changing gift that's not getting the attention it deserves…you’re in the right place.

* Doctor Strange reference. ;)

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Hi, I’m Gretchen.

I’m a designer from Melbourne, Australia.

Hi, I'm Gretchen, a designer based in Melbourne, Australia. For years I struggled with figuring out what to do with my life. I left a thriving corporate career to “find my passion”, but I was faced with a mountain of overwhelm.


Standing out and communicating my value and values.

I thought the hard part was giving up my job. I ended up chasing shiny coin after shiny coin: signing up to hundreds of free downloads, browsed and bookmarked thousands of blogs that crashed my computer and crushed my energy. I even tried to networking events - small talk just drained my introverted energy. I took out classifieds, pinned posters at my local community, no luck there either.

I knew I had to figure out how to stand out...but…

I was scared of spending money that I didn't have, for an idea that I wasn't sure would work.

With a limited budget and no assurance that my next business idea would work…

I decided on a plan: learn how to design my own logo, business card, and website.

That’s how I discovered this super simple superpower:

Minimalist Design That Makes Maximum Impact

Where your logo, your home page, your Instagram graphics, Facebook posts, and business cards have the power to get your work to stand out, stop time, and even do the hard work of getting in front of customers and doing the selling for you. Now I help 6-7 figure entrepreneurs do good (and fight villains with their own superpowers), and I’m on a mission to teach anyone interested on how to do the same.

we don't just design for design's sake. It’s part of something bigger. We can leverage it all to create a brand.

What's a brand? I've seen so many complicated definitions that aren't even related to branding, which has caused a lot of confusion. I like Oxford Dictionary's simple definition of the verb: "promote (a particular product or company) by means of advertising and distinctive design".

So how do you create a brand? Google suggests over 5 million ways. When you cut through the clutter, there's really only 5 elements to it.

I’ll tell you all about it over email if you join me for Createrati Cocktails here.


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