Oasis | Minimalist Brand Identity Set - Limited Edition

Oasis | Minimalist Brand Identity Set - Limited Edition


Inspired by industrial-oriental interiors, this Oasis Brand Set is perfect for the minimalist, contemporary, down-to-earth brand with subtle hints of luxury and a dash of dark chocolate.

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Need a brand identity for an idea, a project or a new venture?

An appealing brand identity can cost you thousands, and there’s no guarantee that you’ll like the end result.

I created these Limited Edition Brand Identity Sets to help you get started with a professional brand without the cost or uncertainty, so you can forget about learning design and be able to just focus on what you do best.

Limited to 15 licenses, you can get one copy if you’re on a budget or buy all licenses so it’s all exclusively yours. When you buy all 15 you’ll also get 2 consults or custom requests valued at $396. Comes with 90-day email support.